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Please make your payment at the time of purchase. If payment is not made within 24 hours, the transaction will be cancelled, and you will lose the reservation.


We will need the Guest Name for this reservation at the time of purchase. The Guest Name provided at the time of payment must match the name on your driver's license. Only one name can be put on the reservation and that must be the name of the person who will actually be checking-in. The person checking in must be at least 21 years of age, provide a photo ID and have a major credit card. Please include theGuest Name in the note section of your PayPal payment. Once a Guest Name has been added, any name change will cost an additional $99.

The resort is very strict about the name on the reservation. Only the person whose name is on the reservation can check in, everyone else must wait. Therefore it is very important to choose the Guest Name carefully. The only time there can be more than one person on a reservation, is if there are two adults with the same last name. If this is the case, please give us both names and then either one can check in.

The resort will not allow you to use the same name on more than one unit during the same time period.  This is true even if you book one unit through us and one unit through someone else. Also, the resort does not allow overlapping reservations in the same name.  If you do either of these things, the resort will charge you $99 to change one of the names or they may even cancel one of your reservations. So please be careful.


Confirmations are sent to you by email.  For reservations that are made more than fifty days before the check-in date, the guest name will not be added to the reservation and emailed to you until about fifty days before the check-in date.  For reservations that are made less than fifty days before the check-in date, the guest name will be added within five to seven business days after you have paid.  You should print the confirmation to take with you to the resort for check in.


This is a timeshare unit.  No timeshare tour is required.  During the check-in procedure, they will probably ask if you want to attend a timeshare tour.  All you need to do is tell them no and they will not bother you again.  We have had many people ask about this before they go and this is what we have told them.  We have not had anyone complain afterwards.


CANCELLATIONS: After you have paid, a name is put for you on the reservation.  At this point, the reservation is non-cancelable and non-refundable.  We do not provide cancellation insurance.  You should buy it if you feel you may need it.  I do not have any recommendations on where to buy this insurance.

If a situation arises before a name is put on the reservation, and the reservation is more than 21 days before check-in, please notify us immediately and we may be able to cancel your reservation and return your money.  If a situation happens after a name is put on the reservation, you reservation is non-cancelable and non-refundable. However, if you notify us immediately, we may be able to resell your reservation and give you credit toward a future trip.  This credit will be calculated as the price for which the reservation is resold less all selling costs and the $99 which must be paid to Wyndham to change the name on the reservation. There are no refunds, but every attempt will be made to rebook a future trip.

MISSING RESERVATION: It happens rarely, but sometimes an accident will happen and a reservation will go missing.  Therefore, as you would for any other reservation, please call the resort ten days in advance to verify the reservation and that there are no problems.  If for some reason, your reservation is missing, please call me at 952-935-2582 immediately.  I will try hard to replace your reservation.  If I am unable to replace your reservation, I will return your money plus $100 for the inconvenience.  This is the sole remedy for this problem.

REGULATIONS Check in is at 4:00 p.m. Check out time is 10:00 a.m. The Front Desk is open 24 hours a day. Your safety is very important to us, so we do closely follow local mandates for maximum occupancy. Most resorts enforce a late check-out fee for any guests checking out past the check-out time. As a courtesy to our non-smoking guests, smoking is not permitted at this resort. Thank you for your consideration. There is a $300 fine for smoking in the units or common areas. No pets are allowed. A credit card and photo ID required at check-in. A minimum $150 pre-authorization will be applied to allow you room charging privileges.


This reservation is from check-in day to check-out day.  For example, if your reservation says June 4-6, then the check-in day is June 4 and the check-out day is June 6.  That means you have two nights in the condo.  These are the nights of June 4 and June 5.  Your check-out is June 6 so you will not be sleeping in the unit the night of June 6.

Check-in is about 4:00 or 4:30PM when they finish cleaning the room. However, you can pre-register as early as 11:00am and get your waterpark passes.  You can then start using the waterparks.  Later, they will call your cell phone when your room is ready and you can pick up the keys.  You can continue to use the waterparks until around 10PM that night.

This information has been verified with the resort. We continually update and verify the information, but cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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